South Kitchen & Dining Area

Located on level 40

The perfect place for residents to entertain, relax and enjoy panoramic views of Melbourne. Residents can book these areas for exclusive use. This space includes a kitchen with oven, sink along with a large dining table and chairs.

Bookable Amenities / Booking Times

Booking requests must be made a minimum of 3 business days in advance. For all booking requests less than 3 business days, please contact Building Management.

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday:

  • 8.00AM-10.00PM

Friday – Saturday:

  • 8.00AM-11.00PM


  • 8.00AM-10.00PM
Access will not be granted outside these hours.

Booking Hours

Sunday – Thursday:

  • Day Booking - 10.00AM-4.00PM
  • Evening Booking – 6.00PM-10.00PM

Friday – Saturday:

  • Day Booking - 10.00AM-4.00PM
  • Evening Booking – 6.00PM-11.00PM

Booking Fee

The Owners Corporation Committee may set fees and/or charges for the exclusive use of the bookable areas. These fees cover the cost of additional services included but not limited to - booking fees, security charges and cleaning fees.

All fees are to be paid at the time of booking. The process for payment is carried out under the booking guidelines and procedures on the Building Website.

The Owners Corporation Committee reserves the right to amend the booking fee as per the building requirements.

Maximum Capacity

The Occupancy permit states the maximum capacity for the Communal Kitchen & Dining Area.

Non-compliance of the occupancy regulation will result in the request to close the function and vacate the area.

Rules of Use

  • The Communal Kitchen & Dining Area can only be used by residents and their guests.
  • Residents must be in attendance at all times with their guests.
  • Residents using the kitchen must leave the area clean and tidy.
  • No food is to be left in the area.
  • Kitchen must be cleaned down following use.
  • Plates and cutlery must be stored away.
  • Any items missing will be charged to the responsible resident.
  • Any damaged items must be reported to the Building Management.
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