Pool & Spa Area

Located on level 9

The Resident Pool & Spa Area is for use by all residents and their guests.


  • 25m Lap Pool
  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Pool Deck

Maximum Capacity

The Occupancy Permit state that a maximum occupancy of 25 people in the Pool & Spa Area at any one time.

Opening Hours

The Pool & Spa Area is open from;

Monday - Sunday:

  • 5.00AM – 10.00PM
Access will not be granted outside these hours.


All Users must adhere to the prescribed rules for the Area. The Owners Corporation Committee reserves the right to restrict access to this area to preserve the health and safety of the Building and its residents.

Wet Areas

VICTORIA ONE has multiple areas within the building, such as the Swimming and Spa Area. These areas are unsupervised and residents use them at their own risk.

All residents must follow all signs and never run, jump or dive. Children must also always be supervised in these areas.

Terms & Conditions

Residents must adhere to the following rules and signs displayed in the Area.

  • The Pool & Spa Area are open for use from 5am-10pm Monday-Sunday
  • Users are not permitted to access the area outside of the designated hours of use
  • The Pool & Spa Area is intended for use by residents and/or guests only.
  • Users should limit their use of the Sauna/Steam & Spa to 15 minutes at any one session.
  • A VIC ONE resident must accompany guests at all times.
  • Residents accept full responsibility for guests, in their use of the Pool & Spa Area. Guests must be fully aware of the rules of use for the area.
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times while using the area.
  • No food or alcohol is permitted in the Pool & Spa Area.
  • No Smoking at any time throughout the whole building.
  • Children under the Age of 16 must be actively supervised by an adult at all times.
  • No Pets at any time in the Pool & Spa Area.
  • Please observe all safety signage and note the following rules apply;
    • No diving
    • No running
    • No bombing
    • No horseplay
    • No glass
  • All users of the pool must shower prior to entering the pool and/or spa.
  • All users must bring a towel to dry off post use. Users must refrain from walking through common property whilst wet.
  • Offensive language and/or behavior will not be tolerated.
  • The Owners Corporation and Building Management reserve the right to close down the area for an extended period of time due to maintenance and/or to ensure health & safety of all users.
  • Any user in breach of the rues will be asked to vacate the Area immediately and their level of access into all Amenities and surrounding area will be reviewed by the owners corporation committee and building management.
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